A Certified by Volvo vehicle ensures you never have to settle


Volvo vehicles are known for their longevity, reliability, and timeless style that will always turn heads as you drive through Springfield OR. Those three reasons are what make buying a used Volvo an excellent and safe choice. If you want to highest-quality and most assurances, we suggest shopping the Certified by Volvo models at our Eugene dealership!


The Differences?


You might be asking what the differences are between a used Volvo and Certified By Volvo. A used one can be from any model year and have a lot of miles on the odometer. Certified Volvo's must follow more stringent rules, insuring top quality and providing added perks as you drive around Cottage Grove and beyond.


How a Volvo earns the Certified Title


When a Volvo comes back to us at a lease-end or a trade-in, we see if it's eligible to earn a CPO badge. We first check to see if it's from a recent model-year and that it has traveled fewer than 80,000 miles, ensuring you have plenty of mileage left to commute to and from Creswell and visit family out of state for years to come.


If the model passes that, we'll put it through an 170-point inspection that leaves no detail untouched. From the glove box, to the interior, to under-the-hood components, our trained certification technicians go through the list to make sure the Volvo they're reviewing passes with flying colors. If any smaller repairs are needed to bring the vehicle up to Certification standards, they'll work with the parts team to order Genuine Volvo Parts and Accessories.


Certified by Volvo Benefits


Once the Volvo passes the rigorous inspection and earns the CPO title, you will receive some added benefits.

  • We give you a 5-year, unlimited mile warranty that coverages major areas (see us for details)
  • You receive coverage from the CARFAX Buyback Guarantee program, in the unlikely event something goes wrong
  • You can transfer the warranty if you decide to sell your CPO Volvo
  • We provide roadside assistance, as well as coverage for rental cars, towing, and travel
  • You can utilize our Volvo On Call support system, just like when you buy a new Volvo
  • You can jazz up your Lane County rides with the help of a 3-month complimentary subscription to SiriusXM

    For more information on the comprehensive Certified by Volvo program, visit our dealership to speak with a member from our sales team.